Original Artwork Hand Formed from the Heart & Soul.

My specialty is custom hand forged and metal clay jewelry. My inspiration comes from the world around me. Yes, I get distracted a lot! I often times stop to think about how pretty a pattern or texture might look in one of my pieces. These distractions are so frequent it is a wonder I get anything done. From a dead or burned out tree, to a weed, I always find something! It is a great place to be and keep the gratitude. I like picking up a piece of jewelry and seeing the truly organic nature of a piece. With all of its “humaness”; nicks scrapes, hammer marks, and all the evidence that a person put time and effort into that piece of art. Often, there will be times the small lines of my fingerprints might be visible. I do not use casts or have any of my pieces cast and run off machines. Every piece is a truly unique piece of art.

Metal Clay is especially appealing to me because of the detail, texture, free form, and organic designs it allows. All of my pieces are "signed" by me with my logo. You can see this either obviously on the back of a piece, or subtly worked into a design. Look close! It's there!

You can find me online via my web site, Facebook, or Pinterest.
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